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York Wall Walk Introduction Image Set A m01

Photo-montage: 4 views of the wall walk including York Minster viewpoint and Bootham Bar.

Image Description

The image is a photo-montage comprised of four photographs, each one showing a different section of the City Walls and the associated Wall Walk in York, England.

  • Top-left is a photograph of the Wall Walk near Station Road access steps, with the towers and roof of York Minster dominating the skyline.
  • Top-right is a photograph of Bootham Bar and the adjacent steps that provide access to the Wall Walk from St. Leonard's Place.
  • Bottom-left is a photograph of a lady on the Wall Walk to the northeast of Gray's Court. The garden of the latter is filled with colourful flowers, shrubs and trees.
  • Bottom-right is a photograph of the Wall Walk access steps beside the Red Tower, lit by the evening sun.

For more detailed descriptions, please refer to the component images (see below for links).