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York Wall Walk POI Micklegate Bar SW Elevation p01

Photograph: The outer face (southwest elevation) of Micklegate Bar (York).

Image Description

The image shows the southwest elevation of Micklegate Bar in York. This structure (with its castellated top and bartisans) and the adjacent sections of the city wall dominate the middleground and background. Two doorways (with closed studded wooden doors) are visible in the wall of Micklegate Bar at first-floor level. Exiting the building via either of these today would result in a painful fall to the street below. However, these doorways originally led onto a walkway that ran around the top of the barbican. (The latter was demolished in 1826.) Four shields bearing coats of arms adorn the front wall of the Bar and three statues can be seen standing on top of the structure (one on each bartisan, the third in the centre). Seven elongated cruciform arrow slits with round oillets and four vertical slit windows can also be seen in the Bar's front wall.

Traffic and buildings on Micklegate can be glimpsed through an arch in the city wall to the left of Micklegate Bar.

A traffic restriction sign, a height restriction sign and a traffic light occupy the left-hand side of the foreground. A road (Blossom Street) fills the centre foreground. A car on the road is waiting for the traffic lights to change. Four pedestrians (a man and three women) can be seen walking along the pavement near the bottom-right of the image.