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York Rowntree Park Image Set A m01

Photo-Montage: Four photographs of Rowntree Park, York.

Product Description

A JPEG (jpg) format digital image (photo-montage).

The image is a photo-montage comprised of four photographs, each one showing a different area of York's Rowntree Park, York.

  • Top-left is a photograph of the ornamental gates at the Butcher Terrace entrance.
  • Top-right is a photograph of the memorial lych gate, which is covered in red-leaved ivy.
  • Bottom-left is a photograph of Canada Geese and their goslings on the path beside the ornamental lake, with the bridge and lych gate beyond.
  • Bottom-right is a photograph of the ornamental lake and daisy-covered grass, with the children's playground visible in the distance.

For more detailed descriptions, please refer to the component images (see below for links).

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