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Explore Using Maps

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  • To virtually explore the historic city of York using Google mapping, set the filters above as desired, then click / tap the 'Apply Filters' button to display the map with location marker(s) for matching place(s).
  • If JavaScript is enabled on your device, summary information about a place can then be viewed (in a small window overlay) by clicking / tapping on the relevant place marker.
  • As this website is in the early stages of development, there are many places of potential visitor interest that have not yet been added to the database. However, additional places will be added on an occasional basis throughout 2017.
  • Please note that the 'Explore Using Maps' option makes heavy demands on the internet connection to download and resize the maps. It can also be frustrating to use on small touch-screen devices and with slow internet connections. Under such circumstances, the Articles page may offer a cheaper, faster and more relaxed method of accessing the available information about key places of interest.
  • For tips on using the map and filters, please refer to the help-text page.