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You have not yet added any licensable images to your favourites list.

The 'Favourites' feature allows you to create a temporary, personalised collection of your favourite licensable images and publications for easy review and / or comparison. If your device has a device-width of more than 400 pixels, you will be able to view your 'favourite' images in a manually controlled slideshow overlay.

To add an image product to your favourites list, find an image product that you like (e.g. via the Catalogue), then click / tap in the centre of the associated "Add to favourites" button and wait for the page to refresh. If the image product has been successfully added, the text in the button will change to "Remove from favourites". Clicking / tapping on this new button will, as the text suggests, remove the product from your favourites list.

Please note that the 'Favourites' feature uses Java Script and, for anonymous users, it also uses cookies. If you have disabled Java Script and / or cookies (either for all websites, or specifically for this website), the favourites feature will NOT work.

Additional instructions for using the favourites feature are provided on the "Using The Favourites Feature" help-text page.

The 'Cookies' FAQ explains how and why this website uses cookies. The 'JavaScript' FAQ explains how and why this website uses JavaScript.