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York Artists Garden and St Marys Tower p01

Photograph: Artist's Garden "Foundation Myths" art installation and St Mary's Tower (York).

Image Description

The image shows the temporary "Foundation Myths" art installation on the raised lawn of the Artist's Garden (York), with the defensive walls of St Mary's Abbey and St Mary's Tower clearly visible beyond. The art installation takes the form of two parallel rows of ten (5 + 5) yellow-coloured artificial tree-stumps. To protect the art installation, an oblong area of lawn has been cordoned-off by a low rope barrier.

The defensive wall to the left-centre is partially covered in green-leaved ivy. A group of trees in full leaf can be seen beyond this section of the wall. The rear red-brick walls, rooves and chimneys of a series of houses can be seen beyond the remaining sections of the defensive wall.

At the bottom of the photograph, a paved area can be seen. The latter consists of sandstone paving slabs interspersed with small areas of blue brick and red brick.

At bottom-left, two people are standing on the paved area reading an interpretation panel mounted on the wall of a raised bed that contains a collection of small plants.

Another two people can be seen sitting on the grass between the art installation and St Mary's Tower (centre-right).