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York Intro Cliffords Tower and Daffodils on Motte p01

Photograph: Clifford's Tower (the keep of York Castle) on its daffodil-covered motte.

Image Description

The square format image shows the stabilised ruins of Clifford's Tower (the 13th century 'quadrilobate' keep of York Castle) on top of its grass and daffodil-covered motte. The tower is set against a clear blue sky.

A set of steep steps can be seen. These appear to be climbing diagonally up the motte (from bottom right to centre), although this is an illusion caused by the position of the photographer relative to the steps.

At the foot of the motte to the left of the steps, the Jewish Massacre Memorial can be seen alongside (and to the left of) a sign giving information about the tower. On the opposite side of the steps, there is and poster promoting the tower's attractions.

People can be seen:

  • close to the bottom of the image, reading the information sign,
  • ascending and descending the steps and
  • on the rampart walkway at the top of the tower.