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York Intro Low Petergate and Minster Bell Towers p01

Photograph: Low Petergate (York), with the bell towers of the Minster beyond.

Image Description

This square format photograph shows Low Petergate in the medieval streets area of York. The street is crowded with people: their heads and upper bodies fill the bottom edge of the image.

An interesting mixture of historic and modern buildings line both sides of the street, filling the frame on both the left- and right-hand sides of the image.

On the left-hand side of the street, the higgledy-piggledy alignment, pointed gable ends and reddish-brown roof tiles of seven jettied timber-framed buildings add visual interest and a splash of colour.

The photograph was taken from King's Square using a powerful telephoto lens tilted ever so slightly upwards. This has compressed the image and exaggerated the perspective, causing the roofline on both sides of the street to appear to slope downwards towards the centre of the frame. At the point where the two rooflines meet, the west end bell towers of York Minster soar dramatically upwards into a clear blue sky.