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York Intro Merchant Adventurers Hall p01

Photograph: The Merchant Adventurers' Hall and garden (York).

Image Description

The square format image is an oblique view of the south-west elevation of the Merchant Adventurers' Hall (York).

At the extreme left hand side of the image, a straight flagstone path leads the eye to a tall white flagpole, which rises from a small, square hedged section of formal garden. At the top of the flagpole, the Merchant Adventurers' flag is partially visible as it flutters gently in the light breeze.

The Merchant Adventurers' Hall itself fills the centre and right hand side of the image:

  • In the centre of the image, the red-brick undercroft (ground floor) and timber-framed Great Hall (first floor) can be seen. The wattle-and-daub infill of the latter's walls is a mustard yellow colour, which contrasts attractively with the green stripes of the neatly trimmed grass lawn (bottom) and the clear blue sky (top).
  • Part of the Hall's single storey stone and red-brick chapel extension fills the right-hand side of the image.

A wooden bench seat and three small conical shrubs in planters can be seen, neatly arranged along the length of the undercroft wall.

Beyond the flagpole is an arbor with wooden seats.