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York Intro Micklegate Bar p01

Photograph: The southeast (outward-facing) elevation of Micklegate Bar (York).

Image Description

The square format image shows the southwest elevation of Micklegate Bar, (York) and the adjacent section of the City Wall.

The wall runs horizontally across the full width of the lower portion of the image. It is pierced by three arches: one for each pavement (left and right) and one for the left-hand carriageway of the road (left-centre). Buildings and parked / stationary cars can be seen on Micklegate through three of the arches.

In the centre of the image (and dominating the scene), the three-storey defensive gateway known as Micklegate Bar projects forward from (and rises vertically above) the wall, almost filling the central portion of the frame. Its castellated top and bartisans are set against a clear blue sky, although the red-brick side-wall of a house beyond the wall adds a splash of colour to the background on the left-hand side of the image.

A number of details can be seen on the front elevation of the Bar, including:

  • At ground floor level: the archway of the original gate, with the coat of arms of Sir John Lister Kaye displayed prominently above the keystone.
  • At first-floor level: a centred tall thin window with a pair of redundant doorways (each with a closed studded wooden door) on either side.
  • At second floor level: three tall, thin windows, four cruciform arrow slits and three colourful coats of arms (the Royal Arms of England set above two copies of the coat of arms of the City of York).
  • On top of the structure: three statues, one on each bartisan and one in the centre of the front wall.

In the foreground:

  • a combined traffic and height restriction sign can be seen on the left-hand side of image;
  • a red car and part of a small silver-grey van can be seen on the road that fills the central portion of the foreground (they are waiting for the traffic lights to change); and
  • a small number of pedestrians can be seen on both pavements.

(Note: As the license plate of the red car in the foreground is so prominent in this image, it has been digitally altered to protect the privacy of the owner.)