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York Intro River Ouse and Kings Staith p01

Photograph: The River Ouse, Cumberland House and people relaxing on King's Staith (York).

Image Description

The image shows people relaxing in al-fresco dining areas that have been laid-out on the quayside of King's Staith (York, England).

A thin stretch of the River Ouse forms the foreground.

The background is formed from a variety of attractive historic buildings. There is a relatively small building (left-middle) which has a stone-built ground floor topped with a white-rendered (timber-framed) first floor. It has a steeply pitched roof with a second floor window let into the apex of the gable end wall. There is another notable building top and centre-right. This is Cumberland House and it has a stone basement wall, first and second floor walls of red-brick with quoins and a small but pretty dormer window in its pitched roof.