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York Intro the Minster from the Wall Walk p01

Photograph: York Minster from wall walk, with Station Road access steps in foreground.

Image Description

The image shows the classic view of River House and York Minster (centre and right background) from the wall walk (left foreground), with the wall walk access steps from Station Road visible in the centre-foreground. The neatly trimmed grass and square-shaped formal flower beds between the wall and road lead the eye towards Lendal Bridge and its twin toll-houses (centre-right). Both Station Road and Lendal Bridge are devoid of vehicular traffic. Even the wall walk and pavements are relatively quiet, with just a couple of dozen pedestrians visible in the distance. The lack of traffic combined with the trees in full leaf (left middleground) give this city-centre image an air of calm and tranquility. (Compare it with York Minster from the Wall Walk above Station Road p01, which has a much busier feel.)