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York St Marys Defences Water Tower and Esplanade p01

Photograph: The Water Tower (part of St Mary's Abbey defences) beside the River Ouse in York.

Image Description

The image shows the Water Tower in York (part of the defences of St Mary's Abbey) with the archway for the Esplanade to the left and boats on the River Ouse to the right.

Two arrow slits are visible in the tower's chalk ashlar walls: one is cruciform with four oilets, the other is straight (vertical) with a single oilet at the top. (Oilets are the enlarged circular openings at the outer ends of arrow slits.)

The brown staining on the lower part of the tower's wall is caused by flooding, which is a regular occurrence along this section of the River Ouse.

The pebbles set in concrete (foreground) represent the foreshore of the once busy Marygate Landing.