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Coppergate Walk and St Mary's Square

Coppergate Walk and St Mary's Square are relatively recent additions to York's modern shopping area, opening to the public in 1984.

Between 1976 and 1981, the Coppergate area of York became world-famous when the extremely well-preserved remains of Viking era streets and buildings were discovered by archeologists working on the site of a recently demolished factory and cinema. The damp, anaerobic soil conditions had preserved objects made from wood, leather and other materials that do not normally survive in the archaeological record.

Many of the artefacts from the 'Coppergate Dig' are now displayed in the Yorkshire Museum, while the story of the Coppergate area during the 10th century is told in the Jorvik Viking Centre - a purpose-built interpretation centre and visitor attraction on Coppergate Walk. The rest of the Coppergate site was redeveloped as a retail shopping centre.

Coppergate Walk and St Mary’s Square provide a pleasant and convenient walking route between the York Castle area and the rest of the city's modern shopping area.

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Coppergate Walk and St Mary’s Square

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