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Statue of Friesian Bull Calf

This statue of a Friesian bull-calf was cast in bronze using the 'lost-wax' process from a clay master created by local artist Sally Arnup.

The master was sculpted from observations of three separate bull-calves, one of which was hand-reared by Sally.

The finished statue measures 79cm x 108cm. It was acquired by the University of York in 1996 and it is located in the east courtyard of the King’s Manor.

Sally Arnup  (1930 – 2015) was head of sculpture at York College of Art between 1958 and 1972. She was especially well known for her sculptures of animals and birds. She worked in clay and always scuplted directly from real-life observations (rather than sketches or photographs). Her goal was to capture the character of the subject, rather than just its form and this is clearly evident in the stance and facial expression of the bull-calf.

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Statue of Friesian bull-calf
King's Manor East Courtyard

Latitude: 53.962228500000
Longitude: -1.086607000000

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