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Stonegate is a pleasant pedestrianised street on the alignment of the Roman 'Via Praetoria' in York. It boasts architecture from Norman to Victorian periods.

According to the British Listed Buildings website, there are 170 Grade II* listed buildings in York and 15 of them are located along characterful Stonegate. The image gallery below shows a selection of these important structures.

A document dating from 1148-1175 contains the first confirmed historical record of Stonegate (in the form 'Steingate').

In the Middle Ages, Stonegate formed the processional route between the Minster and Guildhall, so it was paved with stone (hence its name).

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Latitude: 53.960892000000
Longitude: -1.083358000000

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Under the city's 'footstreet' scheme, Stonegate is officially closed to vehicles during the middle of the day, but stay alert for inconsiderate cyclists.