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Tower 07 (aka Sadler Tower)

The base of Tower 7 is believed to have been built circa 1250-60, which would make it one of the oldest surviving interval towers on York's City Walls.

The tower number originates from the RCHME (Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England) inventory of the historical monuments in the City of York (for further details, see 'External Links' below).

The first known documentary reference to the name 'Sadler Tower' is 'The Custody of the Walls' dating from 1380, where it is referred to as 'Sadlertoure'. Unfortunately, the origin of the 'Sadler' element is not known. (It may have been a reference to an individual benefactor, or an occupation connected with a nearby part of the city.)

The shape of the tower's base (see Image 1) is one of the features used to confirm that it was originally built during the middle of the 13th-century. However, the tower has been significantly modified over the course of history.

  • When first constructed, the tower had no masonry wall across the rear elevation. The wall we see today (see Image 2) MAY date from alterations made during the Civil War. (After the Siege of York in 1644, Tower 3 nearby was converted into a watch tower and Sadler Tower MAY have received similar treatment.)
  • In addition to the rear wall, a vaulted stone ceiling / roof, a flagstone floor and a fireplace (with brick-lined chimney) have been added, thereby converting the tower into a useable room. (The upper part of the chimney was removed when this section of the Wall Walk was created in 1831-32.)
  • The tower originally had three cruciform arrow slits. However, one has been damaged or poorly repaired (see Image 1, bottom-right), the second (central) slit has been truncated by the vaulted ceiling (this truncation can be seen through the mesh-covered doorway in Image 2) and the third has been blocked-off by the fireplace.

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Tower 07 (aka Sadler Tower)

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