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eCards: Small, low-resolution photo-montages featuring places of potential visitor interest in the historic city of York (England), with brief but informative text relating to each of the component images.

Important notes:

Like the other products in this website's Catalogue, eCards make an interesting and attractive memento of a real-world visit. However, unlike the other product types, eCards may also be freely distributed to friends and / or family in either digital or printed form, although the file must not be altered in any way. The branding and embedded links form an integral part of all eCards and they must remain visible / functional. Any interference with the format or content of eCards constitutes a breach of the licence agreement.

The image that forms the top half of each eCard is a low-resolution version of a photo-montage. When printed at home with the print resolution set to 300ppi, the full eCard (image and text) will print at A5 size. However, the image element will print at 150ppi, which is similar to the resolution used for most commercially printed postcards.

High-resolution versions of the photo-montage and its component photographs are available to purchase in a range of sizes. A link to the photo-montage is provided at the bottom of the 'eCard summary' block on the catalogue page for the relevant eCard.


York (England) E01

Thumbnail image for the "York (England)" eCard.

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