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Accessibility (of this website)

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How can I improve the readability / accessibility of this website's content?

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This website does not dictate the typeface used on its webpages. The sans-serif family of fonts will be used by default as sans-serif typefaces are generally considered to be easier to read, especially on small-screen devices. However, most browsers will allow the user to alter the typeface via a configuration setting.


For some parts of this website, a default font size is set and the font size of adjacent content is calculated from the default value. Using defined (fixed) font-sizes is necessary to ensure that summary content fits within the fixed-size summary information frames that are a feature of this website. However, despite the use of these theoretically 'fixed' font-sizes, most browsers can resize text to suit the user's needs / preferences via either a configuration setting and / or a 'zoom' (enlarge) feature. With regards the latter, most of the common browsers (including Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer) allow the user to alter the text size while reading by using the [Ctrl] and [+] or [Ctrl] and [-] keys. This useful feature typically works as follows:

  • To increase the font-size, hold-down the Ctrl key, then press the numeric keypad + key.
  • To decrease the font-size, hold-down the Ctrl key, then press the numeric keypad - key.


With the exception of links, this website's core content is displayed as very dark (near-black) text on a white or very light background by default. A high level of contrast has been configured for all core content in order to maximise readability. Links are formatted by the user's browser, not by this website. However, this site's white / very light background should still maximise readability in most cases.