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Colour of photographs

FAQ: Question(s)

The colours in your photographs look wrong. Why?

FAQ: Answer(s)

In short:

The colours have been set using a colour-controlled system to match the colours that I saw when I took the photograph. You can change the colours by altering the settings on your equipment and / or by editing the image file.

In more detail:

Each piece of equipment used to capture, view and print images has its own unique set of colour characteristics. Most have settings that can be set / adjusted by the user (if the user knows how to do this). In addition, the appearance of an image will be affected by the colour and intensity (brightness) of the light hitting the screen or print. Finally, every individual ‘sees’ (interprets) colour in a uniquely individual way. All of these things will affect the appearance of an image, especially its colour. To ensure that my photographs accurately portray the colours that I ‘saw’ when I took the photograph, I use a colour-matched system: i.e. the camera, computer monitor (screen) and printer are all calibrated to ensure that they record and display colours in a consistent manner using the sRGB colour space. If you are unhappy with the colours of a photograph, please alter the colour, contrast and / or brightness settings for your screen.