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FAQ: Question(s)

Who owns the copyright to the text, photographs and other material displayed on / downloaded from this website?

FAQ: Answer(s)

In terms of copyright, two distinct categories of content may be displayed on this website:

  1. Content supplied by sponsors or other third parties: An appropriate copyright notice will be displayed on, with or via a link from all such material  and, unless otherwise stated, all rights are reserved. For enquiries relating to the copyright of third-party material, please contact the third-party directly.
  2. Content created by the author of this website: For all other text and images (i.e. for the vast majority of the content on this website), the copyright is owned by Mark R. Harvey and all rights are reserved unless expressly granted in an associated copyright notice or license.

Please note that legal action may be taken against any individual and / or organisation infringing copyright.

Please note that Moral Rights and Database Rights have also been asserted.