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What are 'External Links' and why do you display them in separate sections?

FAQ: Answer(s)

Links to third-party websites (i.e. websites other than this one) have been provided in various places on this website in the honest belief that they may be helpful. These 'external links' are checked for functionality and relevance when they are first added, then checked again for functionality and relevance on an occasional basis thereafter. However:

  • The operation and content of these third-party websites is completely outside the control of the owner of this website and the owner of this website does not and cannot guarantee that the content of any such third-party website will be - or will continue to be - available, relevant, age-appropriate, free from redirects, free from malicious or offensive content or otherwise appropriate or safe to use.
  • The owner of this website does not endorse or necessarily agree with the content of any third-party website, linked or otherwise.
  • The use of any external link will be solely at the user's own discretion and risk. The owner of this website will not be liable for any death, personal injury, offence, damage, expense, or loss (whether direct, indirect or consequential) that may arise as a result of using an external link. As with all matters connected with the internet, the user is strongly advised to take appropriate precautions before opening any link to a third party website. To facilitate this cautious approach, all links to third-party websites are clearly identifiable as such by one or more of the following methods:
    • the relevant link is provided in a separate section headed 'External Links' and / or
    • the link text (i.e. the text that triggers the opening of the link) is the full URL (which includes the domain name) or
    • for advertisement and other promotional messages, the link text is "For further details, please visit this sponsor's website."

If, while using this website, you find an external link that no longer functions correctly (or that you feel is unhelpful or inappropriate), please report it via the webform on the Contact page.