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Image Types

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What image types are used on this website and what restrictions apply to their use?

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Photographic images

All of the photographic images used on this website have been created by the owner of this website.

There are four types of photographic image, namely:

  • Photographs: Single photographic images of high technical and / or artistic quality.
  • Snapshots: Single photographic images of moderate technical / artistic quality.
  • Photo-Montages: Composite photographic images created by inserting two or more related photographs or snapshots into a grid layout, then saving the result as a single image.
  • Stitched Panoramas: Composite images created by stitching together two or more Photographs or Snapshots to create a single ultra-wide-angle (panoramic) image. (While great care is taken during shooting and processing to achieve a good join, in some cases it may be possible to identify the location of individual joints. Where this is the case, full details are provided in the description for the stitched panorama in question.)

Watermarked versions of these photographic images are used on this website to illustrate items of core content.

Third party images (including sponsor-supplied images)

As the name suggests, third-party images have NOT been created by the owner of this website. Rather, they have been supplied by (or obtained from), third-party sources and they are used on this website in accordance with the relevant copyright and usage restrictions. The source and copyright status of each third-party image is provided in the text displayed with the image and / or on the associated (and linked) image details page.

Other images

All of the 'other images' used on this website have been created by the owner of this website. They include:

  • Maps (diagrammatic representations of real geographic areas depicting - and / or placing into spatial context - natural and / or man-made physical features such as hills, valleys, rivers, vegetation cover, landforms, geological formations, settlements, places of interest, roads, streets, etc.).
  • Diagrams (e.g. specially-produced graphs, plans, schematic representations, line-drawings, sketches, annotated photograph or similar created specifically to illustrate or help explain the associated content.
  • Logos, icons, buttons and other small graphical images.


Unless otherwise stated, all of the images used on this website are protected by copyright and they must NOT be downloaded, used on other websites or shared in any way.