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Why are you selling licenses rather than files? / What are the terms of the 'personal use' license? / Are commercial licenses available?

FAQ: Answer(s)

Why are you selling licenses rather than files?

These days, almost all digital products are distributed under licence and, provided that the terms of the license are both clear and reasonable, this arrangement is fair to all parties.

When a physical product (e.g. a printed book) is purchased, the physical product may normally be given-away or resold with very few legal restrictions. Despite this, future sales of that product are reasonably well protected because it is difficult and costly to create and distribute additional physical copies of the product in question. In other words, the physical nature of the product acts as a deterrent to copyright theft. However, it has become very quick, easy and cheap to duplicate and distribute digital products. Without some form of legal protection, creators of digital products would be unable to recoup their costs or to earn an income as a reward for their work. As a consequence, individuals and organisations would stop creating new high quality material.

By selling licences, the creators of digital products are afforded additional legal protection. The license sets-down how the digital product may be used and, if the terms of the license are breached, the seller of the licence has recourse to legal remedies (i.e. the seller can sue for damages).

For this website, the prices quoted (e.g. in the Catalogue) apply to the purchase of a non-exclusive non-transferable license for a single private individual to download and use the licensed file for personal use only subject to the 'Terms and Conditions of Use (Including the Personal Use License)'. Each price is, therefore, a 'license fee'.

What are the terms of the 'personal use' license?

Each Personal Use License permits the purchaser to download a specific licensable file from this website and to use that file and its contents in accordance with the terms and conditions documented in the 'Terms and Conditions of Use (Including the Personal Use License)'.

Each license is issued to the person or organisation making the purchase. The name and address details used for the PayPal payment will be used as the name and address for the license. To enable licensable files to be given as gifts to other people, the terms of the personal use license also allow the purchaser to give each licensed file as a gift to ONE other person. If a purchaser wishes to give a file to more than one other person, additional licenses must be purchased (one license for each gift recipient).

eCards are a special case

Unlike the other licensable files available from this website, eCards may be distributed freely to friends and / or family in either digital or home-printed form provided that the eCard file is not altered in any way. The normal restrictions on distribution have been modified for eCards because they are designed specifically to promote this website (hence the requirement that the eCard must not be altered in any way).

Are commercial licenses available?

Commercial and other extended licenses can be arranged for most of the licensable image files listed in the Catalogue. However, as this website is being developed and operated as a hobby (rather than a business), model releases are NOT available for any of the images. To explore options and pricing, please use the webform on the ' Contact' page to briefly outline your requirements. I will respond as quickly as possible (normally within 48 hours).