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Moral Rights and Database Rights

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What are Moral Rights and Database Rights?

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Moral Rights

Mark R. Harvey asserts his Moral Right:

  • to be identified as the author of the text and images displayed on this website [hereafter referred to as 'this work'] except where otherwise attributed;
  • to object to false attribution of this work; and
  • to object to "derogatory treatment" of this work.

Database Rights

The functionality of this website is underpinned by an original, purpose-desiged database that required a considerable amount of skill, time, effort and money to create. Mark R. Harvey asserts his right to protect that investment under 'Database Right'. The design, structure and content of this database are all protected. This database must not be copied - in full or in part - without prior written consent from Mark R. Harvey. As this database is a unique selling point of the website, any such consent is unlikely to be granted without the payment of a significant fee in advance.

This work is also protected by Copyright.