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Using 'Search' and 'Advanced Search'

Quick Tips

This website has its own automatically generated index and its own dedicated search engine. When the search function is used, no information is sent to (or otherwise made available to) any other site or organisation.

The main 'Search' field

  • To search for a word (or several words), simply type the word(s) that you want to find into the "Search" field located near the top right-hand corner of every page on this website, then click, tap or otherwise operate the 'Search' button located beside (or on very small screens, beneath) the search field.
  • Separate words with a single space (do not use any punctuation).
  • Search term words must be at least three characters long. Any words that are less than three characters in length (such as I, at, to, go or UK) will be ignored.
  • The search engine will only return a result if there is a match for the entire word. Partial matches are not returned (for example, searching for park will produce a result for "park or garden", but not for "parks" or "parking").
  • To search for a phrase (i.e. a string of two or more words that appear next to one another in the text), enclose the phrase in double quotes (for example "Museum Gardens").
  • To return only results where both / all of the words are present, just type-in the words, leaving a space between each word. (The search engine assumes an 'AND' operation by default.)
  • To return results where either of the words are present (for example: Park OR Garden), add OR between the words. (NB: the OR must be in capital letters.)
  • To exclude content that contains a specific word, add a - (i.e. a minus sign) immediately in front of the word. For example: tower -church.
  • Wildcard searches are not supported (e.g. it is not possible to use * or ? to replace characters).
  • The search engine will not attempt to match capitalisation (for example, a search for park will return both park and Park).

Advanced Search

To reduce the list of matching results, or to perform complex searches, you may prefer to use the 'Advanced search' option. This provides separate fields that allow you:

  • to search for ALL or ANY of the supplied words, or
  • to search for an EXACT phrase or
  • to IGNORE content containing the supplied words..

The Advanced Search option also allows the search to be restricted to specific content types (e.g. just 'Places of Interest' or 'Photographs').

When you have filled-in all of the relevant fields, click, tap or otherwise operate the 'Search Now' button.