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Using the Summary Information Frames

Quick Tips

  • To view a brief definition for one of the symbols used in the top-bar for places, hover the cursor over the symbol. ( As 'hovering' is not possible when using touch screens, the full definition page can be opened by clicking / tapping on the symbol.)
  • To open the full page for a specific place, image or article, click / tap on the relevant place name, image name, or article title. Before doing so, please note that this website is in the early stages of development, so the information available for 'places' will be minimal or non-existant until the 'place' in question has featured in an article. (The 'article status category' symbols and 'Read more' links indicate the availability - or otherwise - of an article for each place with a published entry in the database.)
  • To view the definition for a place-type, click / tap on the place-type.
  • To view a larger version of an image, click / tap on the image. If your device has a device-width of more than 400 pixels and has JavaScript enabled, this will open the image in a manually controlled slideshow overlay.
  • To view full details of a specific image, click / tap on the relevant 'View image details' link.

Additional Help

Summary information frames for places

The diagram below shows a typical 'summary information frame' (as used for 'places'). Descriptions for the numeric labels are provided in the key.

Labelled example of a summery information frame for a 'place of interest'.

Key to label numbers

1 = Content Type.

2 = Sequence number.

3 = Star rating.

4 = Article status.

5 = Article title.

6 = Place type(s).

7 = Leader (brief introduction), with a 'Read more' link if an article is available.

8 = Default image.

9 = Link to 'View image details'.

In a bid to squeeze the maximum amount of potentially useful information into a limited amount of space, symbols are used to convey two key pieces of information about places:

  • Star Rating symbols (displayed top-centre) are used to grade freely visible, free-to-enter or 'not-for-profit' places that maybe of interest to sightseeting visitors.
  • Article Status symbols (displayed top-right) are used to identify the extent and nature of any additional information currently available for those places.

A full set of definitions for the star ratings and article status categories is provided:

  • in the sidebar to the right of this text (if you are viewing this page on a device with a relatively wide screen), or
  • in separate blocks below this text (if you are viewing this page on a device with a narrow screen).