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York is a beautiful city with a fascinating history spanning more than 2,000 years. It has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in England.

The photographs below give a flavour of some of the views that await a sightseeing visitor.

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Within the heart of the city, there are visible standing structures from virtually every major period of English history since the Romans first occupied the site in circa AD 71. These include:

  • some of the best examples of surviving Roman masonry in Great Britain (Multangular Tower);
  • the longest circuit of standing medieval defensive walls in England (see An introduction to York's historic defences);
  • the largest medieval building in England (York Minster);
  • the remains of one of the largest hospitals in medieval England (St Leonard's Priory Water Gate and Hospital);
  • the picturesque ruins of a 13th century Benedictine abbey (St Mary's Abbey Ruins);
  • the only 'quadrilobate' (four-lobed) castle keep in England (Clifford's Tower);
  • the attractive 14th century Merchant Adventurers' guildhall (Merchant Adventurers' Hall);
  • one of the best known medieval streets in England (Shambles);
  • a 14th & 15th century church which boasts an intricately-carved Norman-era doorway and some of the oldest stained glass in York (St Denys Church);
  • a fascinating defensive gateway with 12th century barbican, 15th century oak gates, 16th century timber-framed rear extension and evidence of damage sustained during the 17th century Civil War (Walmgate Bar);
  • a delightful tree-lined riverside promenade created circa 1730-32 (New Walk);
  • a cute (but very practical) late eighteenth century precursor to a refrigerator (Ice House); and
  • a 19th century single-bascule lifting bridge that predated London's Tower Bridge by more than five years (Skeldergate Bridge).

As the list above suggests, this website focusses primarily on historical, architectural and recreational sights / sites that can be viewed and enjoyed by sightseeing visitors free of charge. In some cases, if you want to 'go inside', a purchase will be expected or an entrance fee will be payable. Where this is the case, it is clearly indicated via the 'cost category' in the 'Practical Information' section of the relevant page. However, for ALL of the 'places of interest' featured on this website, there is something worthwhile to see or otherwise enjoy from the 'outside.' All that is needed is a desire to explore and a helpful guide . . .

Let York Illustrated be your virtual guide

The following options will allow you to virtually explore this fascinating city from the comfort of your desk, armchair, etc.:

  • Places of Interest: This page currently displays summary information for 102 places that might be of interest to sightseeing visitors. 69 of these include 'read more' links to an illustrated article.
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  • Image Gallery: This provides quick and easy access to all of the photographic images that have so far been uploaded to this website.

In addition, there are currently 3 Background Articles. These cover a wide range of topics associated with the city and places of interest located within it.

Note: When you are virtually exploring, please bear in mind that this website is being developed as a hobby and that it is still in the early stages of development, so there are lots of potentially interesting places 'missing' from the database. However, additional locations will be uploaded as and when time permits.

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