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Terms and Conditions

Section 1: Definitions and Scope

1.1: This document outlines the terms and conditions applicable to the use of the York Illustrated website.

1.2 The following definitions apply throughout this document:

  • "This website" and "the site" both mean the York Illustrated website (homepage URL =
  • "The user" means the person viewing or otherwise using any part of this website's content, including its webpages and all associated files.

Section 2: Version Control

2.1: The owner of this website reserves the right to change, add or remove any part of these Terms and Conditions at any time and without notice.

2.2: The terms and conditions applicable when using this website are those that are in force at the time the site is being used.

2.3: This is version 3.1, which became effective at 22:10 GMT on the 2nd day of January 2018.

Section 3: Location, Language and Applicable Law

3.1: The owner of this website lives in England and the website is hosted in and operates from servers located in the United Kingdom. The content of this website relates to a specific area of England and the text is written in English. All communications will be in English. This website and all transactions conducted via or associated with this website are governed by and will be conducted in accordance with English Law, regardless of the location, nationality or preferred language of any other individual or organisation concerned. Should any dispute arise that cannot be resolved directly and amicably between the parties concerned, English Courts will have sole jurisdiction to hear and resolve the dispute.

3.2: Although this website is hosted in the United Kingdom (i.e. the servers are located in and managed from the UK), the internet over which the site's content is served is a global affair and this website's traffic could be routed almost anywhere in the world, even for users based in the UK. This is the way that the internet works and the owner of this website has no control over, or responsibility or liability for, the routing of internet-based content.

Section 4: Copyright

4.1: Except where otherwise stated, Mark R. Harvey owns and retains the copyright for the text and images that collectively form this website and in all cases all rights are reserved.

4.2: In order to assert and protect the owner's intellectual property rights, all of the photographic images and most of the other images displayed on this website contain visible copyright notices and other watermarks.

Section 5: Site availability, access and use

5.1: This website has been developed and is being operated as a hobby, not a business.

5.2: Bearing in mind item 5.1, the owner of this website takes reasonable steps to ensure that the site's content is accurate and that the site is available for use to the maximum extent possible. However, the owner of this website does NOT guarantee that the site's content will be error free or that the site will be available and accessible without interruption. On the contrary, this website will need to be taken offline without notice for short periods of time on a regular basis for back-ups, routine maintenance and the installation of amendments and upgrades. In addition, problems with equipment and services supplied by third-parties do occur from time to time. The owner of this website will not be liable for any death, personal injury, damage, expense, or loss (whether direct, indirect or consequential) arising from periods of non-availability, howsoever caused.

5.3: The owner of this website may expand, alter or remove all or part of this website at any time without either notice or compensation.

5.4: By using this website, the user confirms that he or she is legally entitled to do so and accepts that any illegal and / or unauthorised use of, or tampering with, this website or its content may give rise to a claim for damages and / or may result in the user facing a criminal prosecution.

5.5: If a user chooses to access this website from outside the United Kingdom, the user is solely responsible for paying any local taxes that may apply and for ensuring that the access does not violate any laws or regulations that may be applicable to the user's location.

5.6: Whenever this website is used, IP addresses are recorded and stored by the hosting company as an integral and normal part of the hosting service. This information may be downloaded and analysed by the owner of this website as and when necessary for trouble-shooting purposes (e.g. to help track-down technical or coding problems), to protect intellectual property rights and / or for law-enforcement purposes. The 'Privacy Policy' contains full details of the information that may be obtained while using this website, how it is stored and how it will or might be used.

Section 6: External Links

6.1: Links to third-party websites have been provided in various places on this website in the honest belief that they may be helpful and / or of interest. These 'external links' are checked for functionality and relevance when they are first added, then checked again for functionality and relevance on an occasional basis thereafter. However, the operation and content of these third-party websites is completely outside the control of the owner of this website and the owner of this website cannot and does not guarantee that the content of any such third-party website will be - or will continue to be - available, relevant, age-appropriate, free from redirects, free from malicious or offensive content or otherwise appropriate or safe to use.

6.2: The owner of this website does not endorse or necessarily agree with the content of any third-party website, linked or otherwise.

6.3: The use of any external link will be solely at the user's own discretion and risk. The owner of this website will not be liable for any death, personal injury, offence, damage, expense, or loss (whether direct, indirect or consequential) that may arise as a result of using an external link. As with all matters connected with the internet, the user is strongly advised to take appropriate precautions before opening any link to a third party website. To facilitate this cautious approach, all links to third-party websites are clearly identifiable as such by their inclusion in a separate section headed 'External Links' and / or by the provision of suitably worded link-text and / or by the provision of the full URL (which includes the domain name).

Section 7: Protecting against malicious content

7.1: The owner of this website does NOT guarantee that this website or its contents will be free from viruses or other malicious content.

7.2: This website has been created and is being developed and managed via a device that uses active and up-to-date antivirus and security software supplied by one of the market leaders in this technology. This website is hosted by a reputable, UK-based, hosting company and all pages are encrypted using the HTTPS communication protocol by default. All reasonable precautions have therefore been taken (and will continue to be taken) to ensure that this website's pages and files are safe to use. However, despite these precautions, it is still possible that the pages and files associated with this website may become infected with malicious content. It is therefore vital that each user takes suitable precautions with the equipment used to access this website.

7.3: The owner of this website will not be responsible or liable for any malicious corruption that may occur to this website or its content or for any death, personal injury, damage, expense, or loss (whether direct, indirect or consequential) that may arise as a result of any such corruption.

Section 8: Acceptance of these terms and conditions

8.1: By the act of viewing or otherwise accessing or using this website, the user will be deemed to have accepted and agreed to abide by these Terms and Conditions.