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A brief introduction to the author of this website.

One of my biggest dislikes in life is talking (or writing) about myself, so I'll keep this brief and to the point:

  • I have a Combined Science degree in Geography & Economics and I am fascinated by the origins and evolution of urban and rural landscapes.
  • I've been interested in photography since I was given my first camera at the age of seven or eight and this interest turned into a passion when I purchased my first digital camera in 2005.
  • I've spent most of my professional life as a researcher, technical author and project manager, specialising in the implementation and use of information technology and projects that involve significant organisational change.
  • Following a decision to 'downshift' in January 2013, I now have the time and energy to fulfil one of my lifelong ambitions, namely to photograph, research and write about things that interest me personally.
  • York has fascinated me since my first visit on a school trip in the 1970s. I was amazed by the city's incredible (and very visible) history then, and I am still both amazed and delighted by it today.

My objective in creating this website is to harness this experience, bring-together this disparate collection of interests and to do something useful with them.

I hope that you enjoy your visit to both York Illustrated and York.

Mark R. Harvey
Owner, author and illustrator of the York Illustrated website.