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About York Illustrated

This website aims to provide virtual visitors and 'real world' tourists with an introduction to selected places of sightseeing interest in the historic city of York, England (UK).

York Illustrated is being developed as a hobby in my spare time, so there are currently lots of potentially interesting places 'missing' from the database. However, additional places, photographs and articles will be uploaded as and when time permits.

About Mark R. Harvey

This website is about York (rather than me), so I'll keep this brief and to the point:

  • I have a Combined Science degree in Geography & Economics and I am fascinated by the origins and evolution of urban and rural landscapes.
  • I've been interested in photography since I was given my first camera at the age of seven or eight and this interest turned into a passion when I purchased my first digital camera in 2005.
  • I've spent most of my professional life as a researcher, technical author and project manager.
  • Following a decision to 'downshift' in January 2013, I now have the time and energy needed to fulfil one of my lifelong ambitions, namely to photograph, research and write about things that interest me personally.
  • York has fascinated me since my first visit on a school trip in the 1970s. I was amazed by the city's incredible (and very visible) history then, and I am still both amazed and delighted by it today.
  • This website stems from a desire to put my skills, knowledge and interests to good use.

I hope that you enjoy your visit to both York Illustrated and York.

Mark R. Harvey
Owner, author and illustrator of the York Illustrated website.